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mercredi 07 mars 2018

COLLOQUE: International and Interdisciplinary Symposium ‘The Use of Law by Social Movements and Civil Society’, Brussels, 22 and 23 March 2018


International and Interdisciplinary Symposium ‘The Use of Law by Social Movements and Civil Society’, Brussels, 22 and 23 March 2018

The issue how social movements and civil society organizations make use of law has long been neglected by the sociology of social movements. This is probably due to the fact that law as such has been largely disregarded by critical sociologists throughout the 20th century, even though it represented a privileged object of study for some of the discipline’s founding figures. Today, and for the past thirty years, things changed significantly: research on the use of law by social movements and the civil society is burgeoning. This scientific evolution probably reflects a wider social evolution. Law, in fact, appears to hold an ever-prominent place in the public and social spheres of many countries, leading activist groups to make an increased use of it to defend and promote their causes. Moreover, this evolution is also arguably revealing of a change of perception of “law” itself as an object of study. The legal phenomena appear to be taken more seriously, and their internal plurality and ambivalences acknowledged. Greater attention is paid to the meaning of legal norms and procedures for ‘laymen’ (ie. ordinary citizens).

In spite of this, the study of the use of law by social movement and civil society remains a very fragmented field. The persistence of disciplinary and sub-disciplinary boundaries still hamper dialogue between sociologist of social movements, lawyers interested in social sciences, and legal or political anthropologists. Organized within the context of the ARC on “Strategic Litigation”, this symposium aims to overcome these boundaries and encourage interdisciplinary dialogue. To this end, it brings around 40 sociologists, anthropologists, lawyers as well as political scientists from different legal, cultural and geographical backgrounds together around 10 thematic panels: (i) Political protests in legal arenas; (ii) New sites and new modes of mobilization; (iii) The role of legal professionals;  (iv) The repression of mobilizations;  (v) Mobilizing social rights;  (vi) Globalization of struggles and circulation of legal practices; (vii) The refusal to use law; (viii) The use of law by conservative movements;  (ix) Reproductive rights and divorce;  (x) Defending minorities through litigation.

Keynote speakers: Michael McCann (University of Washington) ; Liora Israel (EHESS) ; Bruno Frère (Université de Liège) et Shalini Randeria (IWM, Vienne)

Venue: Salles Schuman & Monnet (Sleep Well Hostel, 23 Rue du Damier 1000 Bruxelles)

Registration (free): colloque.22-23.mars.2018(at)ulb.ac.be

Scientific committee: Marie-Laurence Hébert-Dolbec (ULB) - Julien Pieret (ULB) - Geoffrey Pleyers (UCL) - Julie Ringelheim (UCL) - Annemie Schaus (ULB) - Barbara Truffin (ULB) - Laura Van den Eynde (ULB) - Agatha Verdebout (ULB)





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